Farris Family’s Thanksgiving From The 1940’s: Seated in the middle Mama Rosa Farris, and Aunt Julia Farris. Surrounding them, L-R: Joe Farris, Jr., Easter Farris, Alice Farris, Helen Sellers Farris, Rosa Lee Farris, Fred Farris, Little Freddie Farris. -Photo by Farris Family

In Memory of Louise, Joann and Alice: Rememberance of Louise Nahra, Joann Moore, and Alice Lawson. Louise died May 18, 2014, Joann died February 16, 2012, and Alice died March 14, 2000. We miss you! 

Remember Louise Nahra: L-R: the birthday girl, Madison Moore who was 20 years old on November 5, 2016, her mother Debbie Moore, sister Morgan Moore, and her daddy Randy Moore. Seated, Louise Nahra who passed away on May 18, 2014. -Photo by Terry Salter

Spotlight on Susan Hayward: Actress Susan Hayward who won her Oscar for Best Actress of the Year, for the movie, “I Want To Live” which can be seen on Turner Classic Movies in November. - Photo by 20th Century Fox

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