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Be Obedient

God calls us to ministry and we refuse to answer the call or we answer it wholeheartedly.
Why is that we all struggle with obedience?  
We struggle with being obedient and submissive from the time we are born until the day we die. 
If you have ever read or heard the story of Esther, in the Bible, you know the events that lead to Esther having the opportunity to be chosen as queen. 
For a quick overview, the king calls for his beautiful wife to come to him, Vashti, and she refuses to come. 
The king’s advisors begin to inform him of the fact that he must make an example of her and the punishment that comes from disobedience. 
So he dismisses her from him, permanently.  
She will never be called on again. 
Now, there are several lessons that we can learn from poor Vashti.  
The first lesson is that our disobedience may be an example to someone else of what can or may happen when we disobey.  
The second lesson is that we must be aware that, in leadership and lifestyle, people are watching us and may pattern themselves after us.  
The third lesson is that if we disobey we may lose our chance to have what God promised us or even to retain our position in the Kingdom.   Sometimes our disobedience makes room for someone else to come in and have the blessings that are supposed to be ours and vice versa. Vashti’s disobedience made room for someone new to take the forefront. 
Her obedience opened the door for Esther.  
We experience options and decisions every day.  
We experience the opportunity to be obedient every day. 
God tells us to pray and we choose to pray or not to do so. 
God calls us to ministry and we refuse to answer the call or we answer it wholeheartedly. 
God sends someone into our lives, an ordained relationship, and we refuse to acknowledge it or we embrace it with both hand and an open heart.  
These are just a few examples but they are things that we face every day. 
The gist of this story is that had Vashti just gone before the king she would have always been the queen. 
She would have remained queen of the kingdom, queen of his heart, queen over everything that she put her hand to but one act of disobedience changed her entire future and the future of someone else. 
Her choice changed her life and Esther’s.  
Be careful to pay close attention to the requests and commandments of God concerning your life.  
We should not desire to be replaced, be a negative example, or lose our positions in the Kingdom because of stubbornness or lack of ability to obey what God says or commands us to do. 
In 1 Samuel 15:22-23, God says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”  
I know I would much rather obey than to have to sacrifice God’s perfect plan for my life. 
Be submissive to the plan of God. 
Be obedient to voice of God. 
Your future demands it. 
See Tiffany's article on page 5A in the Wednesday, October 26, 2016 edition of The Douglas Enterprise.

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