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Trump is the nominee and now we know what a bunch of whining crybabies the Bushes, Cruz’s, and a few others are.
Well, He Did It! Trump is the nominee and now we know what a bunch of whining crybabies the Bushes, Cruz’s, and a few others are. Trump ain’t perfect, but like I said a few months ago, ‘HE AIN’T ONE OF THEM!” and that is good enough for me. 
If any of you have yet to see what a bunch of fools we taxpayers have been and how we have been used by the political elite whose only goal is to gain power and enrich themselves, then I have some coastal property I will sell you cheap. No, you don’t need to see it, just take my word that it is a steal at the price.
I thought for sure the black panthers would show out at the RNC convention since Ohio is an open carry state. I heard they tried but when their bus pulled up and they saw a thousand Bikers for Trump who were loaded for bear, or in this case, panther, they decided to head back to Chicago where, upon arrival, it is reported that 27 of them were shot dead and 49 wounded by rival gang members. Otherwise, it was rather peaceful at the RNC. 
Of course, MSNBC had a lot to say about Ivanka’s dress and Melania’s speech. The liberals had to find something to nitpick. It’s just the way they are. In their world, if you are Republican and forget to zip your fly, you deserve to be hanged. On the other hand, if you are a Democrat and forget to encode Top Secret material and send it out on Facebook instead, you deserve a medal and a pay raise.
 I thought Trump did a decent job with his speech. I don’t care if he doesn’t get every word perfect. I don’t want a professional politician who knows all the rhetoric. Give me a guy who speaks from the heart every time. You can be sure you won’t get anything from the heart when Bobblehead Hillary does her thing in Philadelphia. 
I can’t help but recall when during a debate between Hillary and Bernie that he said the American people were tired of hearing about her d-----d emails. But now that WikiLeaks has published the DNC’s dirty laundry, it seems he is very interested in her emails. Of course when asked about it on 60 Minutes, Bobblehead Hillary said she knew nothing about any of it. If you believe her, reference the cheap coastal property above.
I hope all my Bernie Brethren will go to Philly and raise sand, as well they should. Bernie said all along the system was rigged and he was right. Unfortunately they will have to climb the 8 foot high double wall steel fence the DNC has erected around their convention site. Debbie W.S. replied it was to keep out people who did not have passes to get in. (Hmmm. This sounds vaguely familiar, like something Trump said when asked why he would build a wall.) From what I have seen thus far, they may need a bigger wall at the DNC.
I know it must have pained MSNBC to have to report Debbie’s departure and I am sure they are looking forward to Bernie’s speech Monday night. I know I am. I hope he simply stands and says, “We were robbed”, just to see pandemonium break out at Hillary’s headquarters. If he doesn’t it just goes to show that a few million in cash can do wonders.
I wish someone with a truck load of fresh eggs would show up in Philly and pass them out so Bobblehead Hillary could be served the omelets she deserves when she gets up to tell us how much she loves us and what she intends to do to us, I mean, for us. 
PS: You can buy a slingshot on Amazon that will hold a medium sized fresh egg and launch it a good 70 yards.
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