Farris Family: Remember the early years of the Joseph and Rosa Farris family. Photo from Farris Family Album.

Rememberances of Happy Days: The family of the late Joann Moore and Louise Nahra on the day to celebrate their family reunion. Left to right (seated) Louise Nahra, Joann Moore, and Joe Farris, Jr. (standing) Randy Moore, Terry Salter, Teresa Rich, and Jerome Moore. Photo by Debbie Moore.

Remember Louise Nahra: Remember Louise Nahra who died two years ago on May 18, 2014. Photo by Terry Salter. 

Remember Actor Gene Wilder who died last week. Read the opening of the Entertainment Column. Photo by 20th Century Fox. 

Joe Farris, Jr.’s Entertainment Column

THE DEATH OF GENE WILDER: Just heard about the death of comedy start Gene Wilder. He died August 29, 2016 from Alzheimer’s. He was 83 years old, born June 11, 1933. He was best known for comedy films, including “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein, and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” His wife was Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer. Turner Classic Movies will have a special one-day of his movies in September. He will be missed by his many fans.
GET WELL SOON: Wishing a speedy recovery for Cheryl Hendricks, Eloise Saba, Syd Bowen, Glenda Sellers, Gene Givings, Elnora Lott, Randy Moore, and my brother, Richard Farris. Just heard from my ALSAC-St. Jude Hospital volunteer, Austin Davis, that his mother Dottie Davis was in the Savannah hospital. Please say a prayer for all of our family and friends.
REMEMBER LOUISE NAHRA:  Please remember my sister Louise Nahra who died two years ago on May 18, 2014. She was a St. Jude Hospital volunteer for 56 years. I am asking for special remembrances of Louise. I miss her more and more each day. I love you, Louise. 
REMEMBER 9/11 AFTER 15 YEARS: Please remember the people who died on 9/11 at New York and the Pentagon. The families of the ones who died need your prayers.
TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES: The star of the month for September is actor Gene Hackman. He won the Academy Award for best actor in the movie “French Connection.” Special thanks to Shannon Clute for sending me the advance movie schedules. God bless you, Shannon.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TERRY SALTER: We had a birthday celebrating for my niece Terry Lynn Salter in Congress, GA on September 5, 2016. May God bless Terry Lynn with good health and happiness.
SPECIAL THANKS TO JOHN McKINNON AND SUSAN SOWELL: My special thanks to John McKinnon at the Douglas Enterprise and Susan Sowell at the Pelham Journal for the many years of the lay-out of my Entertainment Column. God bless each of you.
BOX OFFICE MOVIES: The box office movies are Tom Hanks’ new film “Sully,” the true story of the airplane crash in NYC. Also I went to see “Florence” with Meryl Streep. See you at the movies.
TILL NEXT WEEK: The family that prays together, stays together.
See page 6A in the Sunday, September 25, 2016 edition of The Douglas Enterprise.

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