Actress Doris Day received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Golden Globes Awards, and she was nominated for best actress of the year from the Academy Awards for her comedy class film "Pillow Talk."

Mrs. Louise Nahra died on May 18, 2014. She is missed by her two surviving brothers, Richard Farris (right) and Joe Farris, Jr. (left) Mrs. Nahra was a 58 year veteran volunteer for St. Jude's Hospital, and she received two million dollars for research. Photo by Terry Salters.

Academy Award Actress Loretta Young. The Oscar winner Loretta Young may be seen on Turner Classic Movies in "The Farmer's Daughter," the movie that won Loretta the Academy Award as Best Actress of the year. Photo by: 20th Century Fox Studios.

Joe Farris, Jr's Entertainment Column

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Happy Holidays: We have had so many holidays during the last few weeks including Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday filled with good health and happiness.
Get Well Soon: Wishing a very speedy recovery for Cheryl Hendricks, E. Lott, Syd Bowen, Gene Givings, Randy Moore, and my brother, Richard Ferris. My brother has been in the hospital and in rehab with flu and pneumonia, and I ask for your prayers. Richard and I are the only two Ferris members left from the nine children of Rose and Joseph Farris, Sr.
Turner Classic Movies: Such great Oscar winning movies during the “31 Days of Oscar.” I enjoy watching each of them. With the Academy Award Ceremonies on February 26, 2017 I will have the Academy Award winners for you next week.
Spotlight on Doris Day: Actress Doris Day recently celebrated her 95th birthday and actor Clint Eastwood has asked her to return to making movies with him. Doris should receive a Lifetime Award for her Animal Foundation. She has sent me an autographed photo with her dogs. She received an Academy Award nomination for her comedy classic movie, “Pillow Talk” with Rock Hudson, which you can see on Turner Classic Movies this month. We love you, Doris.
Remember my sister, Louise: It has been over two years since my sister, Louise, died. I miss her more and more each day. Louise celebrated her birthday in Heaven on February 5, 2017. She was a St. Jude Hospital volunteer for 58 years. We love you, Louise.
Please send a donation for St. Jude Hospital: Since I had a heart attack I can not go to all the business firms and clubs, so I am asking you to mail me a donation. Mail to: St. Jude Hospital, c/o Joe Farris, Jr., P.O. Box 2228, Douglas, Ga., 31534. May God bless each of you for your donation.
Until next week: The family that prays together stays together.

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