Spiritual Lineman

God gave us the power and it is now time to share it with others.
A week ago we, as a community, were buckling down and preparing for what we expected to be a terrible storm.  
We heard threats of tornados, extreme winds, heavy rain, and countless other scenarios that had many of us, myself included, darting to the grocery store to stock up on food, candles, batteries, and anything else we thought may make like easier if the storm did come. 
It came, and it was rough, but my house was not hit as hard as I was expecting; however that doesn’t mean that other people didn’t face tragedy. 
During the storm I saw a picture, several times, of various first responders including linemen. 
The linemen were climbing poles, traveling the highways, and risking themselves until the power was restored. 
Let me say, again, I was blessed to have power throughout the whole storm but I was still thankful there were people in place who to ensure there is power when power is lost. 
We often face situations like this spiritually. 
We are in the storm of our lives and find ourselves without power; stumbling and scrambling to survive. 
It is often in those powerless moments of darkness we either completely stop moving forward or we find, through ourselves or others, a power we never knew we had.
Have you ever watched someone go through his struggle? 
Have you ever experienced a storm that left you powerless? 
Have you ever wished there was someone on your team during a struggle like this? 
We should all learn a lesson from these linemen. When a threat of a storm comes they listen for the call and then load up and dispatch. 
They have specific items they must wear to ensure their safety and that they are able to complete the task at hand. 
They work in teams because there is safety and guidance in numbers. 
They don't only help people like them. 
They go where they're sent and they work tirelessly to restore power. 
They don't stop until the people they were sent to serve have power again.
  God has equipped each of us to help our brothers and sisters in Christ in the same way. 
He has called us to dispatch, when a storm is coming, and to be willing to risk it all in order to restore power to the powerless and shift atmospheres. 
Never feel like you have nothing to offer the kingdom. 
We are all spiritual linemen and it is time to hear the call, to dispatch, and to restore power to those who are lost and dying. 
God gave us the power and it is now time to share it with others. 
Thank you to all First Responders and Linemen who worked tirelessly during the storm! We appreciate you!
See page 6-A in the Sunday, September 18, 2016 edition.

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