Use Your Goggles
Wow, you would not believe how big these fish are? They are huge. There is also something down there that I can't even identify. I have absolutely no idea what it is.”
This week I have been blessed to be on vacation with my family at one of, in my opinion, the most beautiful beaches.  Since we arrived, I have started my days with a morning walk, time with family, and I then made my way to the beach. The beach we visit, Madeira Beach, is a beautiful beach with bluish-green water that is almost entirely transparent most days. Even knowing how many dangers may lurk in the water I find myself willing to go into water everyday. Sometimes I go into the water because I enjoy the waves and other days I go in because I can't stand the heat any longer.  Each day I go deeper and deeper without acknowledging what may be beneath the surface.   Today, I was in the water and there were people all around me.  
A man swam up to us wearing goggles and said, “Wow, you would not believe how big these fish are? They are huge. There is also something down there that I can't even identify. I have absolutely no idea what it is.”  We all just looked at each other and suddenly I began to deal with a little fear and trepidation about what was beneath the surface.  I began to think about what may be around my feet or swimming around us as we enjoyed God's creation. God began to show me that we do this often spiritually concerning the plans He has for us.
Often God will speak something to us concerning what He has for us to do or what He has called us to and we run out of the gate, full-force into what He has shown us. We are passionate. We are purposed. We are focused. We are fearless. 
However, in our journey there will always be people who see things in us or about us that may slow our process.  There will be people who are intimidated by our purpose and those people will search for, and often find, various reasons why our dreams seem dangerous.  There will even be times when people you don't know saunter into your life, just as the man with the goggles did, and unknowingly sow fear into your life, heart or ministry based on what they think they saw.  Shortly after the man in the ocean shared his fear-inducing find with us a little boy swam up and was exploring as well.  He saw the same thing and informed us it was a big, soft-shell crab and our fear subsided.  I made a mental note to get some goggles so that the next time this happens I can look for myself. The key here is that you should never allow someone else's perspective to stunt or stop your progress. If you know God has shown you where He would have you go then stand firm and stand without fear.  If people have entered your life and created fear (the man with the goggles) then pray that God will open your eyes or send confirmation (the little boy with the goggles) that were you are going is where you were called to go and go in courage. Go in the knowledge He will always call us out into the deep and that our promise is often waiting in the unknown.  
Do not be intimidated by what lies beneath. Instead, be confident that your feet are in the place He ordained they be.  There is nothing that can hinder you if you are in His will.  When the perspective of others begins to cloud your vision your must put on your spiritual goggles and continue to move forward.  
From this point forward it is time to leave the shore of fear and launch into the ocean of destiny. He will never let you drown.
Sunday, July 24, 2016

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