Brice Thigpen 

Birthday Cards for Brice

“It is so humbling to see him get so excited over such a small gesture. He reads, with my help, every single card and has saved each one that he has received over the last few years. He thinks he’s famous now! One woman even had a shirt made for him that said, ‘Most famous man on the internet’. I am so thankful for the love that has been shown to my brother. It means the world to me and especially to him!” Heather comments.

Four years ago, Heather Thigpen decided to share the story of her big brother, Brice Thigpen, with everyone through social media when she began Birthday Cards for Brice. Since, Birthday Cards for Brice has became something that Brice, who was born with Downs syndrome, looks forward to each year on his birthday.

“I thought about how excited Brice would be to actually get mail on his birthday so I decided to ask family and friends on Facebook to send him a card,” Heather states.

The first year Brice received about 105 gifts and cards. “It was amazing to see random strangers go out of their way to put a smile on someone’s face that they would never even meet,” she continues.

 The second and third year of Birthday Cards for Brice “spread like wild fire” and he received over 500 gifts and cards last year. 

See the full story on the front page of the Sunday, June 12, 2016 edition of The Douglas Enterprise.

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