The campers of 151 began renovations on the homeless shelter in Douglas, which is located at 302 South Gaskin Avenue, by partnering up with members of the Bethel Family Worship Center. Camp 151 campers are also working on renovations for five other homes for local families in need. The campers and members of Bethel Family Worship Center are pictured above after a long day of work at the homeless shelter. –Photo by Kristen Kitchens, Enterprise Staff Writer

Camp 151 Campers Begin Renovations On Local Homeless Shelter

Six Homes Being Renovated
“This shelter has needed work for a very long time and we are so appreciative of the members of Camp 151 for helping us turn this place around,” Pastor Dawn Jones states.
The campers of Camp 151 began performing repairs on six homes this past Monday, including the local homeless shelter, located at 302 South Gaskin Avenue. Each year, the campers gather together for one week to repair homes of those in need, with this year being the first year that they have renovated a multi-family home.
“This is actually the first time we have ever done a multi-family home so this has been amazing. We are just grateful that we could partner up and help out. The church has truly blessed us by allowing us to be able to help,” Camp 151 Assistant Site Leader Rachel Calhoun states.
See the full story on the front page of the Wednesday, June 29, 2016 edition of The Douglas Enterprise.

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