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Me, You, And Q
No, our breakup was about whether or not the scriptures are sacred and unchangeable, or whether we mere mortals can just up and change the Word of God at will to suit ourselves.
The Book of Geech says it is alright to purloin (steal) small quantities of sweet corn or watermelons from an unsuspecting neighbor as long as you don’t get caught. 
I am sure the Good Lord thinks otherwise else He would not have said, “There is no such thing as a small sin.” 
And speaking of me being a sinner, the Republican convention got me to thinking about the LGBTQ folks, homophobes, and thanks to Phil Robertson, forgiveness.
I was a member of a certain church but left that bunch and joined the Anglicans simply because the other crowd’s leadership started rewriting or reinterpreting the scriptures to suit themselves and I was not brave or dumb enough to go along with them. Neither were 90% of the other members of our church for we all knew better than to try to change God’s Word. 
Some people think this breakup was about homosexuality but they are wrong. 
I know a lot of gay kids and grownups and love each one of them. 
No, our breakup was about whether or not the scriptures are sacred and unchangeable, or whether we mere mortals can just up and change the Word of God at will to suit ourselves. 
We chose the former, for the latter choice simply means the Word would be meaningless, incapable of changing people’s lives for the better through the forgiveness of sin, and our Lord would have died in vain.
According to the scriptures, homosexuality is a sin, but no more so than theft, lying, deceit, jealousy, hatred, adultery, fornication, drunkenness, licentiousness, (For those less learned out there the last one means, “Unrestrained by the law, or disregarding accepted rules and standards”. When you see this word, simply think HILLARY CLINTON or for that matter, professional politicians in general, and its meaning should become crystal clear.) 
It also says that no one sin is any greater than another, and that statement covers a lot of ground. 
It further states that the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, and that takes in all of us.
Therefore, you homophobes out there, get over it. And you LGBTQ folks, you get over it, too, and let’s put politics aside. 
And both of you come on to church with me next Sunday and let us all repent yet again, forgive one another, and try to move forward. 
I don’t care which of the aforementioned you are or whether you are just plain sorry like me, let’s get our act together before this divisiveness destroys our country. 
You can sit next to me and if you feel the need to repent, and if it makes you feel better, I’ll hold your hand and join you. (I don’t know how honest you are but I have to repent every five minutes.)
It doesn’t bother me to repent again as I have been baptized five times already. Seems like every preacher that ever came around me wanted to dunk me for some reason, although I can’t imagine why. 
One of them, his name was Huey P. something- or- other, had it in for me because he held me under way too long, and as a consequence, all the mud fish for three miles downstream turned belly up.
In closing, if our founding fathers were to come back from the grave today who would they vote for? Remember they had just fought a war to rid themselves of oppressive government, and it seems that we are trying to vote our way back into that.  
They believed in the right of the individual to be free to make for and of themselves whatever one wished. 
We are still hanging on to that one, but just by a whisker. 
Just as soon as the government takes complete control they will tell us what we are to be. 
The Founders also demanded personal responsibility from each of us. 
Oh, Lord! We don’t want none of that! 
We want someone else to be responsible for us.
The democrats want more of the same of the last eight years and have me confused as to which bathroom I am supposed to go in, and if they cannot even figure that out, Heaven Help us. 
It remains to be seen if Trump wants to straighten this mess out but, Lord Jesus, I hope he does. 
If only Trump would watch his mouth!
See the Sunday, August 7, 2016 edition.

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