Special Thanks to Winnie Hutto: We wish to thank Winnie Hutto for donating her time to co-chair the Joe Farris Day at K-Mart on July 1, 2016.  Photo by Austin Davis.

Remember Louise: Please remember Louise Nahra who died on May 18, 2014. Left to right, Jerome Moore, Teresa Rich, Terry Lynn Salter, John Randy Moore, seated Joe Farris and his sister, the late Louise Nahra. Photo by Debbie Moore. 

Congratulations to Chris and Lauren Moore: New arrival of twin sons, Trip and Jackson Moore. God bless the new twins. Photo by Terry Salter.

Remember for Visit to Saba Family: The late Joe Saba, Bob Fletcher, Eloise Saba, the late Louise Nahra, and Jerome Moore.  Photo by Terry Salter Photo #1: 

Joe Farris, Jr.’s Entertainment Column

STILL COUNTING MY BLESSINGS: I went to Athens, GA, for my heart check-up, and I had a good check-up. My doctor Lawman said a prayer for me when I was ready to leave. You don’t find many doctors to pray for you to get well. I am thankful for Dr. Lawman. I pray that I will not have another heart attack You may write to me – Joe Farris, Jr, P.O. Box 2228, Douglas, GA 31534. I wish to thank all of you for your get-well cards and letters. God bless each of you. COLUMBUS DAY HOLIDAYS: I hope all of you had a good Columbus Day weekend. We were all spending time with our family and friends. Our good friends Mimi Green had a baby shower for my niece Marie Rich expecting her baby daughter for Christmas. Thanks to the hostesses Terry Lynn Salter, Teresa Rich, Debbie Moore, Jeannie Moore, and Mimi Green. Marie received some beautiful baby gifts.
REMEMBER MY SISTER LOUISE:  Please remember my sister, Louise Farris Nahra, in your prayers. She died on May 18, 2014, and it has been two years, but I still miss her more and more each day.
DANCING WITH THE STARS HAS RETURNED:  My favorite television series, “Dancing With the Stars,” has returned on ABC-TV each Monday Watch it at 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. 
GET WELL SOON: Wishing a speedy recovery for Cheryl Hendricks, the wife of editor Jean Hendricks, Albany Herald, and my ALSAC-St. Jude Hospital volunteer Austin Davis’ mother, Debbie Davis, in the Savannah Hospital, and Elnora Lott, Syd Bowen, Gene Givings, John Randy Moore, and my brother Richard Farris. God bless each of you.
TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES: The start of the month for October is Christopher Lee, with showing Halloween movies, and next month for November, the star is Natalie Wood. Special thanks to Shannon Clute for sending me the advance movie schedules. His son Henry just celebrated his first birthday. God bless you, Shannon.
A VISIT TO SEE MY BROTHER RICHARD FARRIS: My nephew Jerome Moore took me to Leesburg to see my brother Richard Farris, who had a heart operation, and stroke. My nephew Jeremy Lawson took me to see Richard and his wife, Jo. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE ROCCO:  My exercise instructor Jane Rocco is celebrating her birthday. God bless you, Jane.
SHIRLEY TEMPLE: Just watched Shirley Temple in “Bright Eyes” on Turner Classic Movies.  
TILL NEXT WEEK: The family that prays together, stays together.. 

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