Elixir Door Company Safety Training Manager, Vickie Spikes, is pictured with Bryce Carver, second-year STEM Intern.

My STEM Summer Internship

When I found out a year ago that I would be working with Elixir Door and Metals Company as an intern, I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I would be producing videos, but I knew nothing else about the company. I researched the company under its former name which was Elixir Industries, but that didn’t skim the surface of information that I needed. Little did I know at that time that Elixir Door and Metals Company was a fresh new business. I would be taking my first few steps of the working world into a new business, and I was excited!
I learned a lot about my supervisor, Ms. Vicki Spikes, and Elixir during my first two months of  there. She told me all about Elixir’s past, and how we came to be what we are today. That also lead to what Vicki does as a Safety Manager, and how I come into play as her intern. Other than working on film projects, I assist her on the safety regulations of our facilities to meet OSHA standards. I also conduct and help coordinate safety training sessions. I primarily maintain a safety training database. It lists all of our employees, their employee status information, and all of the safety training for each individual employee. This database helps make sure that every employee has been trained in specific topics to help keep everyone safe in our facilities. Along with that, I occasionally conduct safety orientations for new employees, conduct weekly emergency eye wash shower inspections, and I also conduct a weekly audit for department first aid kit supplies. All of these tasks are my weekly duties as Vicki’s intern, but I also get to take charge of other company projects. 
Being able to work at my own pace and to take charge of company projects is pretty great being that this job is an entry level job! While they’re watching me as a young person direct the motions of a film production, Vicki Spikes and Archie Brown, the General Manager, are always wanting to be updated on the productions. It can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience, but this is a tremendous experience to put under your belt. This is what actually happens in the film industry – people coordinate each other under different departments of authority to verify many aspects of the production so that production goes as planned. Nevertheless, Vicki understands that I’m rather knowledgeable in video production. So she lets me pretty much do whatever is needed. Because of that, Mr. Brown noticed the teamwork and the quality of work put into the videos from last year which caused him to think of more film projects to produce. Since last June, we have produced a forklift training series, a door sweep installation video, and we’re currently producing an Elixir door installation video series. All of which have been mighty helpful on my part since I’m now starting college to become a filmmaker. I’ve been gaining real world film experience by working with clients, working around the clock of other individuals, and working in harsh environments to get the footage shot. These components are both vital in the film industry and in every industry – including the general working world. It’s truly a growing and learning experience.  
I’ve been working at Elixir Door Company (our division) for one year now, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working in a big company. It has definitely been a learning experience, especially since I knew nothing about working in an office for a manufacturing company. I enjoy and appreciate working with Vicki Spikes and having her as my boss, and I enjoy working with other co-workers as well. I would like to say thank you to the Coffee County School System for supporting this program. Last but definitely not least, I would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Vicki Spikes for taking an interest in hiring me as an intern at Elixir Door Company. 
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