Tiffany Anderson

Sudden Storms

A few weeks ago I was blessed to be able to vacation with my family in Florida.  I spent most days lying in the sun, floating around in the ocean, cooling off the in the pool, or just enjoying the sites from the balcony.  Every day, around the same time, we would experience an afternoon rainstorm.  You could almost set your watch by it. That would often be the time we would go in for a late lunch or the time we would call it a day and head back inside.   We began to expect or anticipate the storms. They were rarely more than a shower with some thunder and lightning.  One day, however, we were already in for the day and there had been no storm.  We were amazed at why or how we had not experienced any bad weather.  
Suddenly, the wind began to blow so hard and the sky was black.  We could hear the rain and hail hitting the windows of the condo and we saw trees bending and bowing in the storm.  
The severity of the storm was unnerving.  My sister called for me because the wind was blowing so hard and the rain was so heavy; water was beginning to seep in underneath the doors and through the windows.  We were in a panic to make sure nothing in the condo was ruined. 
Once the storm ceased, the sun came out again and it was beautiful, just as it is every day.  This storm, though, was much worse than anything we had ever experienced.  I began to think about how often this happens in life.  We, some of us, seem to face struggles all the time; so often we grow accustomed to them and accept them as part of our reality.  We know how to weather certain, expected storms but when the unexpected storms we come we go into panic mode to protect ourselves and to protect what we believe God has given us. Often we panic so much we make the storm even bigger than it really is. 
We magnify it into something tremendous when it was just a brief moment of turmoil. The storms in life, even the expected ones, often come to us suddenly.  We wish they would come when we are prepared for them but no matter how prepared you are there is still a challenge when the winds and rain begin.  My question to all of us today is, “Why do we accept the storm?”  
In Scripture, there was a situation when a storm hit a boat that Jesus was on; the men came to him in fear and desperation and woke Him up out of sound sleep.  Jesus walked out onto the bough of the boat and simply said, “Peace be still”, and the storm ceased.  They were surrounded by calm. When storms come your way you must, as Jesus did, remain calm.  
Panicking doesn’t change the circumstance but it may change the outcome or the damage of the situation.  When your finances begin to look funny or you are facing lack; speak peace over them.  When your marriage begins to face trials and difficulty; speak peace to it.  When your career begins to seem unfulfilling and you desire more yet promotion doesn’t come to you; speak peace over the situation.  
When life happens and all you were planning seems to so far away; speak peace.   We will not live life with no struggles or storms but when the storms come we can declare and decree peace.  I challenge you, and myself, today to declare peace over every area of your life.  
We will have and be what we decree so use your faith and His words to silence your storms.  
No storm or rain can separate you from all He has for you.
See page 6-A in the Sunday, August 7, 2016 edition.

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