Angela Spell-Hutto Resigns as Clerk of Superior Court

After 14 years of serving, Coffee County Clerk of Superior Court Angela Spell-Hutto announced her resignation this week. Hutto has been serving as the Clerk of Superior Court since 2005.

Hutto released a press release explaining her surprising resignation, which stated, “It is with great sadness and relief that I hereby announce my pending resignation as the Clerk of Superior Court of Coffee, Georgia. My resignation has been forwarded to the Governor and shall be effective April 30, 2019. Without going into great detail, my health and stress of the office will not permit me to continue my position. Moreover, the health conditions of my family demand that I focus on my family and their needs also.

“All of these matters have combined to create impediments to the performance of my duties as Clerk of Superior Court. I, therefore, choose to do the highest and best that I can for the citizens of Coffee County, and that is now to resign.

“I am thankful that the County Commissioners and Judges have worked with me on all issues regarding my situation and the future of the Clerk’s Office. I have brought in a team to aid in the transition. I have appointed a Chief Deputy and brought in a long time friend and retired Superior Clerk to aid in the transition.

“I want to thank the Commissioners and Judges who have worked tirelessly with me in this very trying time in my life. I also want to thank the voters who elected me to this very important position, and I want to assure them that this decision is in my best interest and the best interest of the citizens of Coffee County. May God Bless Coffee County and our Clerk’s Office.”

Lisa Gillis, who is a current court reporter for Judge Dwayne Gillis, will take over the Clerk’s Office as the new Chief Deputy until the election next year.

Although Hutto has resigned her current position as Clerk of Superior Court, she is expected to work in the Clerk’s Office in the State Court Department.

The Douglas Enterprise sends prayers and well wishes to Hutto and her family.

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