Area Attorney Joins Client In Coffee Jail After Another Misstep

Bacon County-based attorney Kenneth Futch turned himself in to the Coffee County Jail last Wednesday, July 27, and posted bail the following morning, this after he was caught allowing one of his clients to use his cellphone during a recent visit to the Coffee Jail. Futch has been in the news frequently over the past couple of years, once when he was shot by his wife in 2016 during a domestic incident at their home and again last year in a story that made national news when he and Blackshear-based attorney Johnny Thigpen, Jr. got into a fistfight in a Pierce County courtroom during a hearing that landed both in jail.
According to Coffee County Sheriff’s Office officials, Futch visited his client Dana Larson Bowen in the Coffee Jail in May – that’s when Coffee County detectives discovered Futch allowed Larson to use his cellphone to make an outgoing call, which is forbidden by Georgia law.
After an investigation, Coffee County authorities obtained warrants for Futch’s arrest, which led to him turning himself in last Wednesday.
He was charged with Obtaining/Procuring a Telecommunications Device for an Inmate and posted $5,500 bond on Thursday morning.
As for Bowen, the client Futch was visiting, she is being held here in Coffee County for Pierce County after she was arrested and charged with 30 total counts. Bowen, the daughter of Blackshear Mayor Dick Larson, was the owner and operator of an insurance agency in Blackshear, and she is alleged to have kept all or at least portions of her clients’ insurance premiums, leading to her arrest on 28 counts of Insurance Fraud. She was also charged with Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana.
She is on probation and has been jailed in Coffee County since February.
It was during Bowen and her former husband’s divorce proceedings that Futch ended up in a fistfight with Thigpen, Jr.
In another twist, Johnny Thigpen, Sr. is representing Futch after his arrest here in Coffee County.
Another high-profile incident involving Futch occurred in 2016 when his wife, Sheila Lee Futch, shot him during an argument at the couple’s home.
Sheila Lee Futch, a Bacon County school teacher, was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault, while Kenneth Futch had to be taken to a Jacksonville, Florida hospital.
The argument between the two stemmed from Futch’s wife recording her husband making “racial slurs” during a different argument – the shooting and recording also led to Futch resigning from his judicial positions on both Bacon County and Blackshear.

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