Boating Accident Leaves Local With Broken Wrists, 200+ Stitches

Though two broken wrists and 200+ stitches sounds bad enough, things could have been much worse for Randy Sprinkle this past week, as he was involved in a serious boating accident at the Baymeadows Lake on Tuesday, June 26.
Sprinkle was testing out a boat he was considering purchasing last Tuesday when a bolt that controls the boat’s steering malfunctioned and led to a serious accident that threw him from the vessel.
When Sprinkle emerged from the water, the boat in which he was traveling was headed right for him and he instinctively threw his hands up, hit the boat, and pushed it away.
But in doing so, the boat motor’s propellers hit Sprinkle’s hands and cut both deeply, though he was able to swim to shore.
His son and another individual were on a jet ski and witnessed the incident and paramedics and emergency officials were called and rushed to the scene.
Sprinkle ended up with over 200 stitches in all and both of his wrists were broken, but things could have been much worse.
He praised the paramedics and emergency crews who assisted him, and also spoke highly of the doctors and staff at Coffee Regional Medical Center.
Fortunately, Sprinkle is expected to make a full recovery, though it could take up to a year.

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