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Thomas Fellows

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Forget Self-Help By Thomas Fellows

Re-examing The Golden Rule

If you're looking for a book to help get things into perspective, and get back on track, then I highly recommend, "Forget Self-Help, Re-examing The Golden Rule," written by Thomas Fellows. It isn't like all the other books we have seen in the past, this one is to the point and an easy read. This book helps with day to day struggles we all sometimes go through in life. We all feel lost in life and never know which way to turn. And we all go through some type of depression or depressions. And sometimes it is easier to just blame others and not help ourselves get out of our own depression.
In chapter 2, Thomas talked about loving our enemies. Which is something we all deal with, it is a very hard thing to do. Love our enemies? Why would we do that? This chapter was very inspiring. Most of us think we don't have enemies, but there is always someone out there, ready to talk about us, put us down, cut in front of us for whatever reason, either at work or at home or just on the street. But this chapter helps put things into perspective, just how we should love our enemies. I love how Fellows uses Uncle Tom's Cabin to relate to this issue, " My soul ain't yours!" that speaks volumes! No one can buy our soul, no one owns us, we are responsible for our path in life and how we treat others. All of this helps us to deal with daily struggles of depression and self worth. If we can all see our self worth and how important we are to our family and friends and even our neighbors. Even in this day and time, most people don't even speak to their neighbors. They have no idea who their neighbor is or what kind of person they have as neighbors. It is amazing what a smile or a kind word can do when you see your neighbor. It not only helps the neighbor, we help ourself. So why have an enemy living next door, make a friend.
In Chapter 9, Becoming Christlike, this is a hard one for some people. But becoming Christlike is a great way to help deal with the struggles in life. And, once again, you're not just helping yourself, you're helping others at the same time. Strangers, family and friends are often inspired with the way we treat others and live a Christlike life. There are some people that go around shouting from the roof top they are Christians. Those are usually not the ones that inspire me. The type of Christians that help me in my life and help me deal with the daily struggles, are the real Christians, the silent Christians. The Christians you see doing the good deeds, the ones you see helping a homeless man, the one you see paying someone's light bill. Or this time of year, the Christians you see buying Christmas gifts for the children that will not receive a Christmas present, without the help of others. I honestly try to live a Christlike life. If we don't have Christ in our life, who can we turn to in our time of need. Who can we pray and talk to about our troubles. We all need faith. We have to have faith in something. Honestly, it is hard to have faith in most of our selfish and greedy fellow men. But I love how Thomas used Christ in his book. Because Christ is the best inspiration we can all look to towards.
I highly recommend Fellows, "Forget Self-Help, Re-examing The Golden Rule," this a good book that helps put things into really good perspective. This is not a book you will forget, you will pick this book up over and over. This is the type of reference book that you will go to when you're having a bad day, and you think that all of mankind has forgotten the golden rule. It isn't hard to live your life with the golden rule, it is one of the easier things I have to do as child of God. We all need help at some point in our lives. We all fall short at times. No one is perfect, some people think they are, but they are not. Because we are humans, made by Christ. John McKinnon, The Douglas Enterprise

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