Heather Butler, City of Douglas Finance Accountant, received Level II certification from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s Financial Management Training program.

Heather Butler Earns Finance Certification From UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute Of Government

Heather Butler, City of Douglas Finance Accountant, has earned Local Finance Officer Certification in the second quarter of 2017 through the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s financial management training program. Butler was recognized with Level II certification for pursuing professional development in governmental finance, accounting, budgeting, and more.
Level II certification requires finance officers to participate in nearly 200 hours of instruction about the intricacies of government budgeting, purchasing, accounting, and other public finance topics.
Besides an initial 108 hours of coursework in Level I, Level II Certified Financial Officers receive an additional 84 hours of instruction in intermediate governmental accounting and budgeting principles, internal controls, and revenue administration as well as public finance electives. Twenty-seven local officials from around the state earned their Level I or Level II Local Finance Officer Certification in the second quarter through the Institute of Government at the University of Georgia.
“The City of Douglas would like to congratulate Ms. Butler for her certification achievement,” states City Manager Terrell Jacobs. “We encourage employees to continue their education in their specialized job field.
Earning certification shows that Ms. Butler is committed to continually improving her skills and makes her better equipped to help our local government operate more effectively.”
Since the program’s inception in 1972, more than 1,500 local finance officers and others have graduated with certificates and nearly 3,700 have received training. The Institute also works with state financial officers through the state financial management program.
The Carl Vinson Institute of Government is a UGA Public Service and Outreach unit that offers training and technical assistance and conducts applied research to help local and state governments operate efficiently and effectively and provide improved service to the public. -City of Douglas Press Release

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