Hotline Questions

Hotline Question: Webster Way, the road that runs in between Wendy’s and the Verizon Wireless Store in Douglas, is in terrible condition, yet when I attempted to contact City of Douglas officials about the problems, I was told the road was owned by Wendy’s. What can be done to see that the road is properly addressed and fixed?
Answer: According to Douglas City Manager Terrell Jacobs, Webster Way is jointly owned by Wendy’s, Gate, Verizon Wireless and Advance Auto Parts, who all have agreed to properly fix the road after which, they will deed he road over to the City of Douglas for it to be publicly maintained. Jacobs said the problems will be addressed likely within the next month. 
Hotline Question: Is it true the City of Douglas Mayor and Commission recently approved themselves a monthly mileage allowance, and if so, why?    
Answer: According to Douglas City Manager Terrell Jacobs, the City recently did approve to provide $400 to the mayor and $200 for each commissioner. Jacobs said in the past the mayor and city commissioners filled out mileage sheets each month and were reimbursed 54 to 56 cents per mile for their city-related business travel, but with the new monthly allowance, that practice ended.  
See the front page of the Sunday, August 7, 2016 edition of The Douglas Enterprise.

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