Ashton and Greg Walker during the first pitch

Suzanne Ray and Windi Raper helping Ashton and Lee release the balloons

Ashton and Lee Morgan

Ashton throwing the first pitch to his brother, Lee

Davis Courson and Scott Harper

Lady Trojan softball players

Ashton’s Field of Dreams

Ashton, with his parents Terry and Tamara, walking on to his field

High fives before the game

Department of Georgia Commander Carmine Strait-Smith and Ashton

American Legion Post 515 Post Commander Al Walker presenting Tamara Morgan with Ashton’s gifts

Greg Walker presenting Ashton with a signed Freddy Freeman jersey

Ashton sporting his new autographed jersey

Hundreds Show Up To Watch Ashton Morgan’s Dream Turn Into A Reality

‘Even Super Heroes Can’t Fight Alone’
The definition of a “super hero” is a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers. While some would think of Superman or Batman as an example, it is safe to say that the Douglas and Coffee County community would agree that Ashton Morgan is the true definition of a super hero. Even when he is fighting for his life, Ashton continues to fight and his smile never wavers.
When Ashton, the five-year old son of Terry and Tamara Morgan, was first diagnosed with medullobastoma at the age of two, he dreamed of having his very own baseball field with a slide. His dream recently came true thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation along with many local individuals, businesses, and organizations.
Ashton has been fighting cancer for the past three years, but has continued to remain positive throughout his battle. Recently, the Morgan family discovered the tumors in Ashton’s brain had tripled in size, causing the family to rush to Atlanta for treatment. 
While Ashton and his family were in Atlanta, our community began thinking of ways to celebrate his new field of dreams. 
After a few posts on social media about the field, members of the Childhood Cancer Awareness Group (CCAG) began looking for sponsors to purchase banners for the field. Within just a few days, one hundred and fifty banners were purchased.
After word spread, within hour’s members of our community began planning a t-ball game and dedication ceremony for Ashton at his dream field. 
With less than a week of planning, the community has once again proven the love and support our locals have for each other with over five hundred people showing up to support Ashton this past Saturday at Ashton’s All Stars Game. Ashton stepped on to the field with a huge smile as the crowd began cheering and clapping.
“We are truly blessed to live in this community. We could not be more grateful and we are so appreciative for the members of Douglas and Coffee County coming together to do this for our son,” Tamara stated.
Before the game began, Ashton was presented with several gifts from former Major League player and Braves coach Greg Walker and members of the American Legion Post 515, including a signed Atlanta Braves Jersey from Freddie Freeeman. 
Ashton was also presented with an American Legion National Commander’s Coin, a Department of Georgia Commanders pin, and now has a Life Membership in the Son’s of the American Legion. 
Greg Walker also stood by Ashton’s side as he threw out the first pitch of the game to his younger brother, Lee. 
Throughout the dedication ceremony and the game, Ashton’s smile remained. 
For the next several weeks, Ashton will continue radiation and his family will continue praying, along with the rest of our community. Ashton has proven to be his own superhero and wherever he is right now, he is guaranteed to be doing it with a smile.
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