Happy Memories of Yesteryear: The Joseph and Rosa Farris family reunion: Left to right, the late Louise Nahra, Georgia Ann Farris, Joe Farris, Jr., Janeta Farris, Rosa Lee Farris (standing), seated Mama Rosa Farris, Joseph Farris, Sr. (standing), Richard Lawson, Alice Louise, and Jenny Lawson. Photo by George Farris.

Just three weeks old, the twins, Trip and Jackson Moore, sons of Chip and Lauren Moore. -Photo by Terri Salter. 

The Special Honors for Louise Nahra: Senator Greg Goggins honored Louise Nahra for her 56 years of volunteer services for the Douglas Community and St. Jude Hospital. In the photo, Mrs. Nahra’s brother Joe Farris. Photo by Cathy Threatt.

Remember Louise Nahra: Please remember Louise Farris Nahra in your prayers. She died on May 18, 2014.  Photo by Terry Salter. 

Special photo sent to the late Louise Nahra for her 100th birthday from actor Tab Hunter.  Photo person from Tab.

Joe Farris, Jr.’s Entertainment Column

REMEMER OUR AMERICAN TROOPS: With more and more terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, please remember our men and women to return home safely. Also remember our veterans. My three brothers, Richard, George, and Jeremy Farris were in World War II, but thank God they returned safe. I was in the Korean War, 1950-1953 active duty, and 28 years in the U.S. Army Reserves. We should pray for all of our troops and our veterans. GET WELL SOON: Wishing a speedy recovery for Cheryl Hendricks, Ruth Wingate Downs, who was the daughter of my Sunday school teacher, Mrs. H.L. Wingate, Elnora Lott, Gene Givings, John Randy Moore, Syd Bowen, and my brother Richard Farris. God bless each of you.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEBBIE MOORE: Wishing a very happy birthday to my niece Debbie Moore. We celebrated her birthday with a party at the restaurant in Stockbridge. She is the wife of John Randy Moore, and they have two daughters, Madison and Morgan.
TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES: The star of the month for October is Christopher Lee, playing Halloween movies. Special thanks to Shannon Clute for sending me the advance movie schedules. God bless you, Shannon. Shannon’s son, Henry Monte, just celebrated his one year birthday.
TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES:  The start of the month for October is Christopher Lee, with showing Halloween movies, and next month for November, the star is Natalie Wood. Special thanks to Shannon Clute for sending me the advance movie schedules. His son Henry just celebrated his first birthday. God bless you, Shannon. 
BOX OFFICE MOVIES: The number one movie at the box office was “The Girl on the Train,” and was followed by “Peculiar Children,” “Deepwater Horizon,” “The Magnificent 7,” “Storks,” and “The Birth of a Nation.” 
REMEMBER MY SISTER LOUISE:  Please remember my sister Louise Nahra who died on May 18, 2014. She has been gone two years, but I miss her more each day. I love you, Louise.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE BECCO: My exercise instructor Jane Becco just celebrated her birthday with the members of the exercise class signing a beautiful birthday card. God bless you, Jane!  
A VISIT TO SEE THE NEW MOORE TWINS: Just three weeks old, we visited Lauren and Chip Moore to see the new twins, Trip and Jackson. Such happy twins.   
TILL NEXT WEEK: The family that prays together, stays together.
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