Daniel King (Sales Manager, Lott Builders Supply), along with Glynn Hutchinson, Carlos Lankford, and J.L. McClelland with Men of Acts.

Daniel King, along with Randall Parker of Higher Call Builders

Lott Builders Supply Company Helps A Worthy Cause

                Thanks to the help of their supplier partners, Lott Builders Supply was able to donate a framing tool each  to both “Higher Call Builders” and “Men of Acts.” 
Both are groups of faith-based volunteer builders who use their building skills for the betterment of our community as well as surrounding communities.
                “Higher Call Builders” is made up of volunteers from several area churches  coming from the Savannah area, Moultrie area, and our local volunteers are Russell Durden from Douglas and Randall Parker, also from Douglas. 
These two local representatives are members of the First Congregational Christian Church on North Madison Avenue. 
Their volunteer builders get together one week a year and assist in the building of churches in the surrounding area, but they have also traveled as far away as Kentucky and South Carolina. 
Some of the local projects they have recently participated in are: Saving Grace Ministries and Move of Deliverance, both in Douglas.
                “Men of Acts” is also a faith-based volunteer building group whose efforts stay closer  to home. “Men of Acts” is an arm of the First Baptist Church of Douglas, and they specialize in building wheelchair ramps for the disabled but have done sheetrock work and other minor carpentry jobs for people in need in our community. There are several volunteers who get together and take on  these projects. 
The members accepting the nail gun on behalf of “Men of Acts” are: Carlos Lankford, Glynn Hutchinson, and J.L. McClelland. All members of the First Baptist Church of Douglas.
                Lott Builders Supply Company is grateful for those who graciously donate their time and effort for the good of our community, and are happy to help those who help others.

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