Multiple Businesses Evacuated After Ammonia-Filled Tanker Flips

Multiple local businesses, including South Georgia State College, were forced to evacuate and roads were shut down for hours last Tuesday night, April 2, after a tanker filled with chemicals flipped over at the intersection of 441 South and the bypass by Wendy’s.

The tanker was filled with anhydrous ammonia, which is an extremely hazardous substance, and multiple businesses took precautionary measures by evacuating all employees and students at South Georgia State College in case of a possible chemical leak on the truck.

Despite reports shortly after the wreck, officials arrived at the scene before a leak took place.

All roads and major highways near the accident were closed off for multiple hours until trucking company Grammer Industries of Augusta arrived and pumped off around 25% of the chemicals before local company American Truck Parts uplifted the trailer.

Roads were re-opened approximately eight hours after the accident around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. The driver of the trailer was not seriously injured.

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