Michael with his grandson. They love to look at hunting magazines together.

Michael, his wife, and two daughters almost a week after his transplant

Michael with his granddaughter. She was born a month after his transplant.

Michael before the transplant with his brother and sister on each side of him with green shirts. It was about a month before the transplant.

Michael before his transplant. He had to receive platelets.

One Year After A Double Transplant, Michael Merritt Sends Out A Special Thank You

We are still making many trips regularly to Atlanta, so please continue to pray for us. I am doing much better now, but I am still in the healing process.
Hi, my name is Michael Merritt, and I want to thank everyone for all you’ve done for my family and me. August 29th marks one year since my double transplant (liver & kidney). Thanks to everyone who prayed for us. We know that the Lord honored all the prayers.  I had been sick for several years, but I was only on the transplant list for three days when I received the double transplant. 
The road has been long and rough due to countless trips to Atlanta.  I have been hospitalized three times since the transplant and countless times since my sickness began 10 years ago. The Lord has been with us through it all. Without Him, no doubt about it, I would not be here today.
We are still making many trips regularly to Atlanta, so please continue to pray for us. I am doing much better now, but I am still in the healing process. 
Again thanks to all the people of Coffee County and others for what they have done. I am thankful that I live in a heart-loving county that rises to the needs of its people time after time. Thanks to my church, and all the churches for all they have done; but most of all, thanks for the prayers and special prayers that have been prayed on my family’s behalf and me.
Last but not least, thanks to my own family for standing beside us in our time of need and for all they have done. A special thanks to my wife for all she has done for Brandi and me during our sickness. Words can’t express the thanks that we have for everyone who has been part of our recovery process for the past year. 
Our family thanks everyone who helped with the fundraisers that were done to help with my medical expenses.  We thank all those who have donated in so many ways. We wish that we could thank each one of you personally.  
We know that there have been many that have helped, and we aren’t even aware of who they might be.   We don’t want to miss anyone—just know that we do appreciate everything. May God richly bless each one of you.
In closing, please be an organ donor. It saves lives. I am living proof of it. Thanks donor family wherever you are.
With love and gratitude,
Michael Merritt and family
See page 1-B in the Sunday, September 11, 2016 edition of the Douglas Enterprise.

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