Olivia Pearson

Pearson Election Fraud Case Headed Out Of Town

The election fraud case against Douglas City Commissioner Olivia Pearson took a turn on Tuesday, November 7, as Pearson’s attorneys filed a motion for a change of venue.
The trial for Pearson is headed out of town, according to the Coffee County District Attorney’s Office, though the location and jurisdiction have not yet been decided. The case was set to be heard for the second time in December 2017, though it is not yet known if the decision to the change the venue will lead to a delay in the trial, which has been continued multiple times.
Pearson was indicted last year on four charges related to felony voter fraud charges (two counts of Improper Assistance in Casting a Ballot and two counts of False Swearing) stemming from the November 2012 General Election.
She went to a jury trial earlier this year in late March, but the jury of 12 citizens deadlocked (11-1) and couldn’t reach a verdict, leading Judge Andy Spivey to declare a mistrial.
Pearson was one of four Coffee Countians indicted on voter fraud charges from the 2012 election, the others being Evelyn Griffin, Charlie Mack Wooten, and James Curtis Hicks. Griffin, Wooten, and Hicks all chose to accept guilty pleas on misdemeanor charges.

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