Sanitation / Recycling Customer To Lose Service If In Non-Compliance By May 1, 2017

TransWaste and the City of Douglas have continued their efforts to educate customers on the proper way to place sanitation and recycling carts near the curb for collection. As a result of customers not being in compliance with cart placement, beginning May 1, 2017, service will not be provided to customers who are not in compliance. Effective immediately, a sticker will be placed on carts by TransWaste. The sticker is to notify the customer that their cart is not placed properly for dumping. Customers will have until May 1, 2017 to correctly place cart for collection. To avoid interruption of service, customers are asked to follow these steps:
•Prior to going to bed, on the night before pick up day, customers should place carts at curbside with wheels facing away from the curb and front of cart facing street (please see photos).
•After pickup, remove the trash/recycling cart from curbside no later than 6:00am following pickup day.
For those customers who still have not corrected their actions by May 1st, officers from the City’s Code Enforcement Office will visit the customer. Code Enforcement officers will be assessing each situation and customers could possibly face monetary fines and/or penalties for non-compliance or causing litter.
“Placing carts improperly has become a frequent problem with customers,” says Terrell Jacobs, City Manager of Douglas. “It is our hope that customers will pay attention to the ads in the newspaper, utility bill announcements, and other forms of public service announcements, as we do our best to provide education needed for them to comply and not face interrupted service or other fines and penalties.”
Some other helpful tips for customers are to place household trash in a trash bag prior to placing in the receptacle and properly place cart on the curb the night before pickup. City ordinance states, “all waste should be placed inside a trash bag”. Regular household trash may be placed in any type of trash bag; recycling material should be placed in a clear trash bag. Bagging trash prior to placement in the container will help to cut back on the amount of excess household trash/litter on streets and yards.
Customers are also asked to not overfill the cart which will cause the lid to remain open and not close. Customers should not place excess trash bags on top of carts or lay household trash and recycling materials around the cart.
Transwaste personnel will not pick up any excess trash/recyclables that are not inside the cart. For a full listing of recyclables, please visit the website at
To report repairs for carts within the city limits of Douglas, please call 311 or 912-384-3302.
If you live outside the city limits and need to report a repair for your cart, please contact Coffee County Solid Waste at (912) 393-1303.

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